What documents do I need to apply? Do all family members need to submit documents?


Every passenger requiring a visa will need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format:

  • Passport information (bio page) /picture page(s)
  • A passport-size photo
  • Airline Ticket ( Qatar Airways passengers are not required to submit their ticket copy)
  • Hotel Confirmation Voucher / Relevant documents for place of stay in Qatar

If you're a GCC resident, you’ll also need to provide:

  • GCC residence visa
  • GCC ID card
  • The sponsor’s ticket and passport copy (for GCC Nationals / Residents Accompanied Entry Permit only)

The main applicant for each application will also need to submit:

  • Proof-of-residency, e.g: residence visa, utility bill, tenancy contract, phone bill, credit card bill, official printed address page in passport.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, you are required to submit a copy of your hotel confirmation voucher.
  • If staying with Qatari resident (friend or relative), an authority letter from this resident along with his / her Qatar resident visa copy, Qatar id, Passport first / bio page and rental agreement document copy are required.
  • If this friend / relative is a Qatari national then only his / her Qatari national id is required.

In addition, the following supporting documents, if available, will help in obtaining a visa, and can be submitted during the application process, under the ‘Additional Documents’ category

  • Documents which show investments of USD $8,000 or more.
  • Income tax papers which show an annual gross income of USD $8,000 or more.
  • Valid Visa, or evidence of travel (e.g. visas, entry stamps, etc.) in the last five years to any of the following countries: QATAR, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Schengen countries.

In some cases, other supporting documents, such as marriage certificates, etc., may also be required: we will contact you directly if this is the case.

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