Will infants get a bassinet? What if bassinet seats are not available, can I still travel with an infant?


Infants less than 2 years old, are not required to have their own seats. Please note that the bassinet request is applicable only to Qatar Airways flights and is subject to availability on the day of the flight.  Please contact your local Qatar Airways office to request a bassinet seat in advance. In such cases where a bassinet is not available, you will have to travel with the infant on your lap.

Infants (up to 11 kgs) who do not fit the bassinet size are required to travel on the lap of the accompanying adult passenger. Only one infant is allowed per adult passenger.

Bassinets are not available in the First Class cabin on-board the Airbus 380.  To check availability of a Bassinet position seat on a specific aircraft and within a particular cabin, please contact the nearest Qatar Airways office.

Click here to find your nearest Qatar Airways office.



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