Who can occupy Preferred Seats located near Emergency Exit Doors?


Starting from 28 January 2020, you may select your preferred seat by contacting the nearest Qatar Airways office or Contact Center. In the future, this facility will be available through Qatar Airways website as well.

To qualify for an extra legroom Emergency Exit row seat you will need to meet the following safety criteria. You must be:
• 18 years of age or older.
• Able to understand the instructions printed on the Cabin Safety Card and to follow the Cabin Crew directions in English during an emergency evacuation.
• Physically fit and strong without any medical condition, pregnancy, or impairment related to mobility, hearing, vision or mental health.
• Travelling without infants, children, or service dogs.

Emergency seats may be re-assigned before or during the journey without any refund if the airline determines that the passenger does not meet any of the above requirements.

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