Does Qatar Airways offer special fares for mariners or individuals working on a ship?


Yes. If you are working on a ship and meet the strict eligibility criteria outlined below, please contact our nearest reservations office for special tickets with increased baggage allowance and flexible conditions.

To be eligible for mariner tickets you must meet one (1) of the following criteria.

  • A seafarer in possession of a Seaman’s book, travelling to join or leave a vessel whilst on duty
  • The vessel must be commercial, in excess of 100 tonnes and listed on the Lloyds/AVS register.
  • Anyone employed to work on a vessel, who is not a registered seaman, but for insurance purposes signs articles and is added to the ship’s crew manifest. This applies to persons operating a concession on a cruise liner, such as hairdressers, on-board entertainment, etc.
  • The wife/husband/children of a seafarer travelling with his/her spouse or parent, who is added to the ship’s crew manifest.
  • Engineers or contractors, travelling to carry out work on a vessel whether it is in dock or at sea.
  • Persons engaged in the repositioning of a semi-submersible or drilling rig that are not being towed by and can manoeuvre under their own power. The concerned people must be in possession of a Seaman’s book.
  • A mariner in possession of a Seaman’s book travelling for a training program conducted by the company.

To take advantage of the mariners’ discount, all marine and offshore passengers must carry a letter on their company letterhead containing specific details about the vessel or rig, job title, and dates.

For marine passengers, one (1) of the following should also be provided:

  • Valid seaman book
  • Copy of original signing-on/-off papers
  • Valid cruise ID or contract of employment
  • Copy of crew list for on- or off-signing vessel

Click here to find your nearest Qatar Airways office.

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