How do I clear the cache in Mozilla on a Macintosh?

  1. Open the preferences panel. On Mac OS X, this is done by clicking on 'Mozilla' in the toolbar, then on 'Preferences'. On Windows, click on the 'Edit' menu. 'Preferences' is the last option in the 'Edit' menu.

 Mozilla on a Mac

How do I display the 'Advanced' options?

2. Click on the arrow next to the 'Advanced' title to display the submenus.

Advanced Options 

Display the Advanced options

3. Select the Cache options. Click on the 'Cache' subcategory, located below 'Advanced'. You may have to use the scroll bars to view this category.

Cache Options 

Clear the browser cache

4. The last step is to clear the web browser cache. To do so, click on the 'Clear Cache' button located on the main preferences panel.

Broswer Cache

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