What kind of travel container should I have for my pet?


The container must have ventilation openings, must also be of an adequate size, suitable design and of sufficient strength to prevent escape. For the animal’s wellbeing Qatar Airways reserves the right to refuse carriage for any animal if the container is too small.

You must supply food and water for the animal in the travelling container or kennel.

Container size:

Containers must be large enough to allow the animal to stand in a natural position, turn around easily and lie down in a natural manner at all times.

Use the below method to determine the mininum dimensions required for your container or kennel.  48d14b58-1b3a-4022-8bd6-2cd150defed5-pdf__1_.png

Measure A (from the tip of the nose to the base/root of the tail)

Measure B (height from the ground to elbow joint)

Measure C (width across shoulders or the widest point, whichever is greater) Measure D (height of the animal in natural standing position from top of the head or the ear tip to the floor, whichever is higher)
Length = measurement of A + 1/2 B Width = measurement of C x 2 Height = measurement of E = D + bedding

Feeding containers

Container(s) MUST be present and affixed within the shipping container with provision to fill it from the outside that does not require the opening of the shipping container, which may lead to potential escape of the animal. Food containers must be present either within the container, if sealed or attached to.

Multiple pets in a single container

Multiple pets may share the same container provided the below requirements are met.

  • Maximum of two adult animals of comparable size up to 14 kg each, that are compatible, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over that size must travel individually.
  • Animals up to six months old from the same litter up to 14 kg each, up to a maximum quantity of three, may be shipped in the same container compartment. 
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