Can my service dog travel in the cabin with me?


Service dogs, emotional support, or psychiatric service dogs can travel free of charge in the cabin (without being permitted to occupy a seat) only on Qatar Airways flights to or from Australia, Brazil, Canada, EU, Georgia, India, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom* and the USA.

(*Emotional Support / Psychiatric Dogs will be carried as manifested cargo and are not permitted within the passenger cabin on flights to/from the UK). 

On all other flights, service dogs, emotional support or psychiatric service dogs may travel free of charge as checked baggage.

Qatar Airways’ procedure on its acceptance of live animals complies entirely with the IATA Live Animals Regulations, as well as with any additional government regulations required by the country of origin, transit and destination.

If you plan to travel with a service, emotional support or psychiatric service dog, you must:

  • Notify Qatar Airways at least 48 hours before departure
  • Check in for the flight 1 hour prior to the standard check-in time.
  • Provide evidence at the time of reservation or at the time of check-in at the airport that the accompanying dog is a service dog, fully trained and is at least four (4) months old (e.g. an identification card, other written documentation or tag) and other certifications by the service dog’s licensed veterinarian and current vaccination record.
  • Provide evidence that the accompanying dog will not need to relieve itself during the flight or that you can adequately manage the dog’s waste without creating any health and sanitation issue on the flight. You must bring whatever absorbent or other material required for this purpose. We encourage you to prepare the dog for the flight by exercising the dog and limiting its fluid intake before the flight.
  • We recommend the use of a safety harness for the dog for use during take-off, landing, or whenever the 'fasten seat belt' sign is illuminated.
  • If you are accompanied by an emotional support or psychiatric service dog, then in addition to the above requirements, you will need to provide certification from a licensed mental health professional. The certificate must be on that professional’s letterhead, signed and not older than one year from the date of the scheduled flight.
  • If your service dog cannot be accommodated at your seat location then we will offer you another seat if available on the aircraft. The service dog, however, cannot be seated where it may obstruct aisle or emergency exit area or affect leg space in front of the passenger sitting next to you.

 For the flights to / from the U.S., if a customer has two or more service dogs then Qatar Airways shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate the service dogs within the passenger cabin in accordance with safety requirements and Qatar Airways policies.

For Canadian itineraries, the following requirements need to be complied with:

  • Service dog means a dog that has been individually trained by an organization or person specializing in service dog training to perform a task to assist a person with a disability with a need related to their disability
  • You are required to properly leash, tether or harness the dog during travel
  • The service dog will not be permitted to occupy a seat
  • The service dog cannot impede the emergency egress of another passenger
  • If the service dog cannot be contained at your seat, you may be requested to purchase an additional, adjacent seat
  • At the time you make your reservation, you must provide a declaration attesting that the service dog has been individually trained by an organization or person specializing in service dog training
  • Before departure, you must provide an identification card or other document that is issued by an organization or person specializing in service dog training that identifies the person with a disability and attests that the service dog has been individually trained by an organization.

For enquiries contact your local offices, contact details can be found in the following link 

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