Does the liquid policy affect items bought in duty free shops?


The liquid policy does not affect items bought in duty free shops.

Liquid items such as perfumes, cosmetics, food products or alcohol over 100ml (3.4 fluid ounces) can be purchased from duty free shops located behind the security checkpoints.

For passengers travelling to the United States of America or Australia items purchased in duty free shops will be delivered to the boarding gate.


For passengers whose journey involves transiting in another airport the duty free shops staff will package your purchase in a clear plastic, sealed bag known as a security tamper-evident bag (STEB). Specific information on this will be given by the duty free shop. Note that customers travelling to the United States and Australia, who purchase alcoholic beverages or cosmetics in an airport other than Hamad International Airport, are likely to have their beverages confiscated by ground staff at the departure gate. This is in accordance with local US & Australian regulations.


You must not tamper with or open the STEB once it has been sealed by the duty free shop.  

You should have a receipt for the item contained within the STEB that was printed in the last 48 hours.


Click the link below for information on duty free allowances



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