What do I need to know when travelling with an infant or child?


Fare type eligibility

Your child's age at the date of departure for each flight on your journey determines whether or not they are eligible for an infant or child fare.

  • Infant fare: From 8 days until 2nd birthday (at the time of departure for each flight during the course of the journey)
  • Child fare: From 2 to 11 years
  • Adult fare: From 12 years and older

Baggage allowance

For details on infant fare baggage allowance, please click here. Note that children and infants travelling on a 'child fare' are eligible for the same baggage allowance as adults.

Onboard infant and child services

  • Bassinet seats - Qatar Airways provides bassinets for infants. Please contact your nearest Qatar Airways office to request bassinet seats. Please note that the maximum body weight of the infant should not exceed 11kgs (24 Lbs) and the age must not exceed 24 months. Additionally, the infant must fit within the confines of the baby bassinet.
  • Bassinets are not available in the First Class cabin on-board the Airbus 380.  To check availability of a Bassinet position seat on a specific aircraft and within a particular cabin, please contact the nearest Qatar Airways office.

  • Activity packs are provided, depending on the length of the flight. Soft toys are available for infants.

  • In-flight entertainment includes childrens' favourites to help your little ones enjoy the flight.
  • For more information on our onboard services for infants and children, please click here.

Useful tips

  • Children may experience pains in their ears, especially during the landing phase of the flight. For this, it is helpful to provide a bottle for infants or gum for children, as this will help equalise the pressure in their ears. Our cabin crew will do everything possible to help families and their children fly comfortably. 
  • If you are planning to stay longer in a foreign country for any meaningful length of time, we recommend that you contact a health clinic or pediatrician to be aware of your child's immunisation/vaccination schedule in advance. Always carry the baby or child's passport and/or birth certificate when traveling abroad.


For more details on family travel, please visit this link https://www.qatarairways.com/en/family.html 

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