What is the allergy policy on Qatar Airways?


We do our best to accommodate passengers with special allergy needs. However, as our flights are open to the public, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment. If you or someone you are travelling with is allergic or sensitive to products (i.e. food, perfumes, fragrances, etc.) that may be found in an aircraft cabin, please take note of our allergy policy below.

Allergies can be of two types i.e. mild allergy or severe/hyper allergy.

I. Customers with a history of a mild-allergy

  • Are responsible for carrying any necessary medication with them onboard.
  • May be required to sign a waiver of liability (this does not apply to customers travelling to/from the US).

II. Customers with a history of a severe or hyper-allergy

  • Must provide a completed medical information form (MEDIF) at the time of reservation or at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time to allow adequate time for the form to be approved by Qatar Airways.
  • Are responsible for carrying any necessary medication with them onboard.
  • May be required to sign a waiver of liability.
  • May bring their own meals onboard the aircraft in case they need to be certain of an allergen-free meal.
    • Because of the risk for contamination and limited aircraft facilities, Qatar Airways is unable to refrigerate or heat such meals.
    • Meals should be free of strong odour/smell to avoid inconvenience to other customers.
    • Quarantine regulations for some countries require that any food brought onboard by a customer must be consumed or left onboard.

For Canadian itineraries, the following requirements need to be complied with:

  • Passengers should notify the airline of their allergy 96 hours prior to departure. This will allow the passenger 48 hours to provide the information or documents, after which the carrier may take up to 48 additional hours to assess the request for assistance.
  • If the passenger does not provide the necessary advance notice, documents or information, we will make every reasonable effort to provide assistance. What count as reasonable efforts will depend on the particular situation and severity of the allergy
  • Passengers with severe allergies will be allowed to pre-board
  • We will provide a buffer zone by:
    • Seating the passenger in a bank of seats where the allergen is not located and that does not face the bank of seats where the allergen is located

Note – While we do our best to mitigate your exposure, we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment or that no allergic reactions will occur.

Passengers flying to / from the USA
MEDIF (Medical Information Form)
Waiver of liability




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