Are all tickets issued on Qatar airways plate eligible to earn Qmiles?


Most of the revenue tickets issued on Qatar Airways plate are eligible to earn Qmiles, except for:

a. Award tickets issued using Qmiles or any equivalent in another loyalty program;

b. Lost, refunded, forfeited, unused, exchanged, and expired tickets;

c. Tickets with any type of discount over market/published rates.  These include corporate discounted tickets, free of charge tickets, charter flights, complimentary tickets, agent/tour and travel industry discount tickets, airline staff travel tickets, rebate tickets and any prize ticket;

d. Cancelled flights or flights which are transferred to another airline due to circumstances beyond Qatar Airways' control;

e. Flights ticketed to children under twelve(12) and/or infants under two(2) years of age;

f. Tickets purchased to carry additional baggage or provide extra space for the Member;

g. If the flight is already credited to another Qbiz account.  Qatar Airways reserves the right to deduct any Qmiles if the same flight is credited with Qmiles on any other Qbiz Member.

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