As a Qbiz member, how do I ensure that Qmiles are credited to my Qbiz account?


Programme Administrator should ensure that Qbiz Number/Track Code is entered in the booking:

  • online booking through - Qbiz number (9 digits starting with 7) should be added in the dedicated field at the Passenger Details Page
  • offline booking through QR city ticket office, QR contact centre, or travel agency - provide the Qbiz track code at the time of booking
  • Qbiz number, Qbiz track code and instruction on how they are added in the booking are found in the welcome email
  • if you have a booking done from online travel agency website, please call QR contact centre or visit the nearest QR city ticket office and provide your Qbiz track code to be added in your Passenger Name Record (PNR)
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