In the event of death, what is the repatriation procedure for human remains?


All human remains must be accompanied by a certificate of death issued by the competent authority at origin and all other necessary documentation as listed below.

Human remains should be embalmed or cremated with appropriate documentation and packing in order to be accepted for carriage, and must have a confirmed reservation for all sectors including other airlines when applicable.

Accompanying passengers need to be booked on the same flight and confirmed until destination. The accompanying passenger can check-in normally.

Late acceptance varies from airport to airport; therefore this must be checked with the local Qatar Airways cargo office.

Required documentation

• All shipments must be pre-paid
• An official certificate of cremation must additionally accompany cremated remains
• No Objection Certificate from the embassy of the destination country
• Embalming certificate
• Certificate for packing of coffin.

Embassies or consultants can also assist with specific details of documentation.
Please contact Qatar Airways cargo at for any further queries.

Cremated human remains

Cremated human remains shall be accepted for carriage as checked baggage, provided that the passenger is in possession of all necessary documentation, including a certified copy of a death certificate, and the casket or urn containing the cremated remains is packed in a sealed outer box or case.

Cremated human remains can be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin provided the state of origin does not classify it as restricted.

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