Are Preferred Seat selection charges refundable?


Preferred Seat selection charges are refundable in cases of involuntary changes due to operational, safety or security reasons.

You are eligible for a refund only in the following cases:

Comfort seat

Reseated (window/ middle/ aisle)

Reseated to a regular (free of charge) seat selection area (window/ middle/ aisle)

Reseated to a different type of extra legroom seat (window/ middle/ aisle)

Reseated to a lower deck seat from a upper deck seat (window/ middle/ aisle)

Extra legroom seats

Reseated to a comfort seat / regular (free of charge) seat selection area


Customers are not eligible for Preferred Seat selection refunds:

  • When voluntary or involuntary upgrading to a higher Cabin Class
  • When selecting a lower value seat, after purchasing a higher value seat
  • When adding Qatar Airways Privilege Club / oneworld membership to the reservation after purchasing seats
  • When a customer makes voluntary flight changes to their itinerary including flight dates with different routing, or changes to another flight operated by a different airline, refunds for special circumstances follow Qatar Airways refund policy.

Please note that the refunds will include the total amount paid for Preferred Seat Selection minus the non-refundable taxes, if any apply.

Refund requests can only be submitted after your flight departs by writing to us at









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