When is an assistant or carer required to travel with you? And what are their requirements?


In certain circumstances, Qatar Airways requires and assistant or carer to accompany passengers who are unable to do certain things for themselves during a flight. An assistant or carer will be needed if:

  • the passenger is unable to self-toilet;
  • the passenger needs or wants to eat and drink during the course of the flight but is unable to do so without assistance; or
  • the passenger will require medication during the flight but is unable to administer it themselves.

The assistant or carer must be self-reliant, and mentally and physically able to assist with the following if required:

  • toilet and sanitary requirements both on the aircraft and on the ground;
  • inflight and ground emergencies;
  • carriage or carry on baggage and /or equipment;
  • medicating and medical procedures;
  • food and beverage consumption;
  • immigration and customs procedures;
  • boarding and disembarkation; and
  • if required, to provide information and physical assistance with transfers and assembling/ disassembling specialized mobility aids.

We recommend that all passengers who are travelling with an assistant or carer make a booking for the assistant or carer at the same time as the passenger. This is primarily for seating allocation purposes to ensure the assistant or carer is able to travel on the same flight as the passenger.

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