At my departure airport, access to the check-in counters is restricted to those with a flight ticket. As a result, the card holder cannot present the payment card for verification. What should I do?


You must respond to the Qatar Airways Support email you received explaining your circumstance. You may choose your next step from the following options:

  1. In some instances we will be able to issue you with a web link where you can upload your supporting documentation online.
  2. At the airport, you can ask security or airport staff to contact a Qatar Airways staff member to allow access to the Qatar Airways Airport office or the check-in counter for the card holder to complete the verification.
  3. The passenger can make a guarantee payment for the value of the ticket at the check-in desk, which will be refunded once the verification of the original credit card has been completed. To confirm this service is available at your departure airport, please respond to the Qatar Airways Support email you received and ask for a confirmation.



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