Do I need to take special care of infants during take-off, landing and in the air?


During take-off, landing and when the seat-belt sign is on, bassinets will remain closed. You will have to carry the infant on your lap. Your baby may cry on take-off and landing because of air pressure in the ears as cabin pressure adjusts to the altitude. This is normal. By giving your baby a bottle or breastfeeding at this time, you will help to ease the pressure in his or her ears. We also suggest that you bring your own infant meals and snacks if your baby has a special meal requirement. Qatar Airways provides pre-packaged baby food for infants up to two years. This may be a non-vegetarian meal. If you would like select a Baby Meal for your infant prior to travel, please contact Qatar Airways offices to add the request in your booking. When you require the baby meal on-board please ask your cabin crew for assistance.



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